User Configuration through API

Has anyone created a service to set up new users accounts when someone is added to a security group in active directory? I understand that you can have folks accounts auto-provisioned when using SSO, but what that will not do is set up a users preferences for them. For example, I want each new user to have their notification settings for high urgency incidents to be the following:

  1. Receive a text immediately upon incident creation
  2. Wait 2 minutes and then call users cell phone.

Has anyone created a service that queries AD for new users and then runs a list of API calls to “set up” the users per some sort of base template? Any other ideas/suggestions to solving the problem?

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It is possible to configure users’ notification rules via the Rest API. But it appears you want to have this done from the AD? Please clarify?


Hey Chiedu,

I’m on Kevin’s team and to clarify, when we pull users from a group within AD, we are looking for a template script which takes those users and applies notification settings based on what we’ve specified as a template whether it’s powershell, terraform, etc and apply those changes using the Rest API.

Curious to what you’ve guys seen organizations do, were there templates for this, etc.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a script for that purpose – a list of our public scripts is available for use on our API Tools & Code Samples page. We’re not able to provide a script for such a purpose at this time, so if you do require one you will need to write it yourself in this case.